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Truckee River

Truckee River

The Truckee River is an important river that flows out of northwest end of Lake Tahoe for 140 forty miles before eventually emptying into Pyramid Lake in the desert of northwestern Nevada. It has an interesting bit of trivia, as it is the only outflow from Lake Tahoe. The Truckee River is the second largest river in Nevada, after the Colorado River, in terms of average discharge.

Much of its water is diverted by the time it reaches the Fallon, Nevada area for agricultural purposes. As a result, Pyramid Lake has shrunk considerably in size and is on the verge of being no longer able to support fish life due to high salinity levels. Starting by Tahoe City at an elevation of 6,200 feet, the Truckee River follows Highway 89 north to Truckee. Homes and cabins dot the river's edge in Truckee.

From Truckee, the river takes a largely northeastern route and follows Interstate 80 for approximately sixty–five miles until Fernley, Nevada passing through Reno and Sparks. From Fernley, the river veers northwest for twenty–five miles before emptying into Pyramid Lake. The Truckee River's clean, clear waters are an important source for drinking water, irrigation, and recreation including rafting, kayaking, and fly fishing. The water quality of the Truckee River has improved considerably in recent years.

Economic Importance

Truckee River in Reno

Downstream in Reno, as part of the plan to redevelop the city's downtown, Reno built a man–made waterpark along the Truckee River importing thousands of tons of boulders and rocks to create a series of Class 2 and 3 rapids.

The park is extremely popular in the warm spring and summer months as Reno residents and visitors can find relief from the heat in the cool waters of the Truckee River on intertubes, kayaks, canoes, or even on boogie boards. The drops formed by the imported rocks also form some outstanding fishing holes for trout.

All of this takes places in the shadows of Reno's downtown skyline, bringing together familes and people of all ages as you can see kids playing on intertubes, fishermen, and competitive kayakers. This project along the Truckee River is credited with helping to revive downtown Reno.